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Monday, April 26, 2010

Study of Training Methods - Remote Collars

Schilder and van der Borg (2004) study using electronic (shock collars) Do they promote distress and fear? The authors observed two training groups for police service dogs one without the remote collar and one with (shock collars). Police dog training was stressful for both groups. (shock collars) showed more behaviors of stress and fear. (ears back, tongue flicking, and paw raising) during training and on walks outside of training. Study result is that electronic collars / remote training collars produced a by-product ....more stressful and fearful behavior.

Herron, Shofer, and Reisner (2009) study of owners seeking help for behavior problems of aggression. Those dog owners who handled aggression with more intimidating training methods (hitting, staring, and growling at the dog) elicited increased threats/aggression from their dogs.

Best response was for those owners/handlers offered a reward base training method. (Rewarding the dog for an alternate behavior.) Example: Dog is showing signs of stress or aggression, (dog loves to play ball) At the first sign of stress or aggression throw the ball you'll observe the dog changing it's behavior. Reward the dog for appropriate behavior always and often.

Thinking about using a shock collar / remote training collar / best to seek counsel from a professional dog trainer before pushing an aggressive or unrully dog beyond it's capabilities.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Salt Water Therapy Pool

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Paws N Tails Hydrotherapy pool

Salt Water therapy pool for dogs, some dogs are swimming for recreation while other dogs are working on an exercise program to assist in recovery from injury or to exercise to increase mobility.
Pool is kept at 90 degrees. Low impact form of exercise.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Harley over the dog walk and out to the weave poles!

Miracles of a Dog Trainer

Jesiah, 9 year old boy who because of his disability appears to be 7 years old, was assigned a therapy dog which did not work out. In order to keep his canine communication skills sharp for the arrival of his new therapy dog, Jesiah is working with agility dogs to build his confidence.
Jesiah's therapy dog is in training at the moment, I can hardly wait to have the experience of observing this wonderful dog in training. I was asked most recently how much money do you expect to make being a "dog trainer"? The 30 minute lesson working with Jesiah and seeing him improve.....what is the price of miracle?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Agility Course Maps

We've all been at an agility show and found that the registration table has run out of course maps. But alas technology is our friend....most of us have camera/phones simply take a photo of the posted course map for study. Run Clean!